Rice Cultivation Schedule Released

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FAISALABAD (agrinfobank-07-May-2018) Agriculture department has released schedule for rice cultivation. According to a spokesman of Agriculture department the best time for the cultivation of rice varieties ARI-6, KS-282, KSK-133 and NIAB ARI-9 falls between May 25 to June 07 whereas Super Basmati can be cultivated from May 25 to June 20.He said that from June 01 to 20 is the best time for cultivation of Basmati-370, Basmati-385, Basmati Pak, Basmati-2000 and Basmati-515.

Similarly, Basmati-198 can be cultivated in the areas of Sahiwal and Okara from June 01 to June 15 while the suitable time for cultivation of Shaheen Basmati is June 15 to 30, the spokesman added.