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China opens its market to Pakistani agricultural products

China is trying to increase its import of agricultural merchandise from Pakistan, with the intention to reinforce bilateral industry between the two [...]

Bangladesh, World Bank launch agriculture investment plan

To deal with impacts of weather exchange on agriculture as well as to prioritize investments to improve productiveness, resilience and mitigation in [...]

Turkeys Becomes Dependent On Import In Agriculture

ANKARA,TURKEY (AgriNews - 01 Dec, 2019 ) :Turkey relies on import in agriculture, the opposition Good (IYI) Party chief stated on Tuesday. "They have [...]

Female farmers are fueling agriculture’s resurgence in the Roaring Fork Valley near Aspen

The number of farming-related, start-up companies that experience sprouted within the Roaring Fork Valley in recent times has encouraged her. Women h [...]

Farmers are using AI to spot pests and catch diseases

In Leones, Argentina, a drone with a special digital camera flies low over 150 acres of wheat. It's able to test each stalk, one-by-one, recognizing [...]

Scientists consider climate change-resistant crops

When it will get sizzling out of doors, people and animals have the posh of searching for refuge within the colour or cool, air-conditioned buildings [...]

India’s new movement to management horticulture waste

In order to resolve the issue of horticulture waste, particularly leaves, the civic officials are in any case going to make compost pits in all of th [...]

28 lakh hectares under organic farming; farmers gain hugely

Total space of 27.77 lakh hectares is covered under natural farming in the nation, says the govt agency. Government inspired this farming during the [...]

Organic farming in Southeast Asia

There is a rising interest in organic produce in Southeast Asia. In response to abruptly converting farming practices, natural farming is an alternat [...]

Chinese salt-tolerant rice bears fruit in Dubai

Agricultural scientists from China who set a rice manufacturing report in a Dubai wilderness are increasing their take a look at plantings to search [...]
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